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Snacking is defined as eating between meals, nibbling, munching…it is an inevitable and usually unhealthy part of our lives as it’s easier to access sugary and unhealthy food than healthy food. Our company, Snackage, was formed to both promote and inspire healthy snacking. We conducted extensive research and consulted widely on what constituted healthy eating and snacking before we produced our menu.


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What some of our customers have to say…

My job requires me to travel a lot and I leave my daughter with my husband and nanny. In the past I would buy huge quantities of healthy food and snacks for my daughter to take to school but after a few days the snacks (juice, biltong, other snacks) would all be finished regardless of the fact that the quantities should have lasted the month. I am both excited and relieved at having discovered you as I now have peace of mind when I’m away. Regardless of where I am, I know my daughter will have a healthy snack everyday and I can audit the box of snack packs anytime to ensure that no one is opening them and taking snacks away and it works out WAY CHEAPER! Thanks Snackage…

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