7 School Lunch Box Tips That Will Keep You Sane

Deciding what to pack for break-time or lunch for school going children can be challenging sometimes… making for many frantic school-day mornings getting kids ready for school and packing lunch boxes with suff they will actually eat. These 7 tips from Snackage will get you started with ideas that will help you keep your wits about your every morning.

1. Make a big batch of sandwiches in advance and freeze them.

Pre-prepared sandwiches packed into individual bags

This great idea from Money-Saving Mom works better than one would expect. Most frozen sandwiches will keep for at least a week, while peanut butter and jam sandwiches will last even longer. Just take one out of the freezer in the morning, pack it, and it will be thawed and ready to go by break time.

2. Freeze individual portions of rice or pasta in advance.

Freeze individual portions of rice or pasta in advance

Momables suggests freezing individual portions of rice or pasta in freezer bags and reheating just before you pack the lunch boxes every morning. This is great for active kids staying for after school sports and older kids that appreciate a packed meal everyday.

3. Hard-boil a bunch of eggs at the beginning of the week.

Hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are an easy way to add protein to your child’s lunch, and will keep fine in the fridge. This handy tip will save you a ton of time every morning if you boil a bunch of eggs in advance. Pack with a little container of salt and pepper for dipping.

4. Make lunches at night, not in the morning.

Make lunches at night, not in the morning

This is an easy one and really depends on what is going into the lunch box the next morning… but in most cases we can always save ourselves a ton of morning stress if we pack the kids lunch boxes the night before. Doing it with the kids while packing up leftovers from dinner is a great way of making it less of a chore.

5. Organise individual packs for each day ahead of time.

Organise individual packs for each day ahead of time

You can buy divided plastic trays for a few bucks and set up snack stations in the fridge, with some variations day-to-day, at the beginning of the week. Then just grab and pack (with a sandwich) each morning. Delightful Order has a few examples of great ways to organise the packs in your refrigerator.

6. Always slice sandwiches diagonally.

Always slice sandwiches diagonally

This controversial suggestion comes curtesy of Buzzfeed. Personally, I have always thought that vertically cut sandwiches were easier for kids with little hands to handle, but Buzzfeed says it’s science… so, don’t question it.

7. Try different SnackBox Variations.

Four Different Packs of Snackage Snacks
Sometimes the most important thing is packing something that your kids will actually eat, rather than what you wish they would eat. That is why at Snackage, every SnackPack, in every SnackBox, has a range of high quality products; calibrated for very specific dietary categories such as kindergarteners, preparatory school kids, energetic teenagers, low carb banting dieters and lots more.

We research each product and product combination and procure our stock in bulk so that we are able to place a SnackBox filled with a wide range of nutritious and tasty snacks in your cupboard at a reasonable cost… and we vary the range regularly so that you or your family never get tired of what you find in each SnackPack.