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Corporate Wellness

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Improve Corporate Wellness Programs With Snackage

We work with companies of all sizes  in various industries, helping them engage their employees and drive healthy behaviors. Whether it’s a regular Wellness Wednesday program, annual health fair, or an ongoing corporate health challenge, we have you covered.

Stay Ahead of Current Trends
We are not just about healthy snacks, the Corporate Snacks system can be a powerful tool in your corporate wellness platform. In the past most wellness programs focused on stopping smoking or losing weight. Now wellness programs have come very far with offerings that expanded to more than just physical health. Employers now are using corporate wellness to significantly improve recruiting, employee engagement, retention, and overall workplace satisfaction. To put it simply, more companies are focusing on keeping their employees happy with healthier snack options.

Personalised Experiences
Not all snacks are created equal and neither are snacking experiences. We all know that there are so many different taste profiles when it comes to snacks. Some employees love biltong while others prefer nuts. Some employees love sweets and some love spicier options. Whatever you or your team wants, it’s important to cater to those unique taste profiles. Fortunately, Snackage provides a custom-tailored approach where you get to decide which snacks would best fit your team. Furthermore, you can always adjust and switch up your order as you gather feedback from your team.

Customisation & Delivery
Snackage provides customised healthy snack-plans for organisations of all sizes. We deliver weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your preference.

Customize your own box filled with all the snacks that you and your team love! We deliver COUNTRYWIDE.

Corporate Gifts
An excellent gift for your employees or clients. Our gift box comes with the most popular healthy snacks delivered in a small package.

Ready to take your  wellness program to the next level? Contact us on now on 011-056-8756 or

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Testimony: Not only are the snacks unique and tasty, but they are affordable as well. Snack delivery day is always a fun day at the office.