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The Energy SnackBox is suited for active teenagers who need an energy boost during the day. Each SnackBox contains up to 100 energy boosting snacks and drinks, pre-packed into 21 grab-n-go SnackPacks (for each day of the week). Each SnackPack contains a combination of at least 3 different snacks and premium drink made up of biltong, dry wors, nuts, energy bars, baked confectionary and an energy drink or juice. Get a different boost of energy every weekday.

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Young teenagers are often involved in a number of extracurricular activities that require a boost in energy or mental alertness. The Energy SnackBox avoids the sugary and caffeinated shortcut to energy by focusing on snacks and drinks that boost the body’s energy generation capacity. The varied daily SnackPack combinations will keep your teenager engaged and will also avoid the conditioning effect that some repetitive energy options may cultivate. We have a number of tips to help reduce the stress of getting your demanding teen’s lunchbox ready every morning (see: 7 School Lunch Box Tips That Will Keep You Sane), but this is not enough. That is why our product design team spent so much effort tailoring the Energy SnackBox to the unpredictable palates of discerning teenagers.

The Energy SnackBox balances the nutritional and health requirements of teenagers with the need to keep the range varied and exciting everyday. Our product development team has carefully selected the best tasting products from the brand names you already know and trust; and the feedback received from parents is used to further refine the range with different local and imported brands and flavours to ensure that teenagers never tire of looking forward to what they might find in each SnackPack.

SnackBox contents

Each Energy SnackBox contains up to 100 delicious snacks, pre-packed into 21 grab-n-go SnackPacks, each containing at least 3 different snacks made up of biltong, dry wors, nuts, energy bars, baked confectionary and an energy drink, juice or water.

Each SnackPack is labeled from day 1 to day 21 for your convenience. Furthermore, each SnackBox is shipped with a detailed manifest of the contents of each day’s SnackPack so that you know exactly what you received and can keep track of what you your teen is snacking on every day. The Energy SnackBox is shipped in an easy to store box and delivered to your door every month.

Benefits and savings

With the Energy SnackBox you benefit from the experience of our nutritionists and product development team using the constant feedback from hundreds of other parents like yourself to continually update the range with the latest products from trusted local and imported brands. Not only will your teen get to try new and different healthy snacks from reputable local and imported brands, but you will also save time and money because of the benefits of our bulk buying power, which we pass along to you.

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Additional information

Weight7.55 kg
Dimensions50 x 40 x 15 cm
Best suited for

Teenagers, Young adults

Snacks included

Each SnackPack contains at least 3 of:
– Biltong
– Dry wors
– Energy bars
– Dried fruit
– Assorted nuts
– Biscuits
– Cheese
– Crisps
– Cookies
– Health bars

Drinks included

Each SnackPack contains one of:
– Energy drink
– Juice
– Water

4 reviews for Teen/Energy SnackBox

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Janna H. (verified owner)

    I will recommend you to my colleagues. I would be lost without the monthly snack box delivery. If you have an over active teen who stays late at school for the extra sport activities, you can’t go wrong with keeping them topped up with the teen snack box.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Njabulo S. (verified owner)

    My 12 year old loves the prep-school snack box, but my 14 year old is not sold on the teen snack box. So it is a bit of a hit and miss in my family. I see that she has opened all the snack packs to cherry pick the drink flavours that she likes and the snacks that she likes, so maybe she will warm to it over time.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Euclid N. (verified owner)

    The lunch packs are great, it has saved me the chore of coming up with interesting things to pack for my 14 year old. Unfortunately I am not a fan of the energy drinks, and I am always having to replace these from the pack. Come on Snackage, give us a choice of drinks to choose and you will get 5 stars. Anyway, I will continue buying them because they are a life saver for a stressed out single working mum like me.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    wesley (verified owner)

    Very happy to use this service again

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