We value all the feedback we can get… both good and critical. Every now and then we ask our customers to give us an honest review of our products and service as part of our internal continuous improvement processes. Below is a sampling of some of the accolades that our customers have given us over the last year.

My job requires me to travel a lot and I leave my daughter with my husband and nanny. In the past I would buy huge quantities of healthy food and snacks for my daughter to take to school but after a few days the snacks (juice, biltong, other snacks) would all be finished regardless of the fact that the quantities should have lasted the month. I am both excited and relieved at having discovered you as I now have peace of mind when I’m away. Regardless of where I am, I know my daughter will have a healthy snack everyday and I can audit the box of snack packs anytime to ensure that no one is opening them and taking snacks away and it works out WAY CHEAPER! Thanks Snackage…

Bought 1 snack box to try out for my teens and they both loved the snacks so much that I had to buy 2 more so they can each have their own. My kids are both health conscious and really prefer the snack packs vs. buying at the school tuck shop as they mostly sell unhealthy snacks there. They also stay at school until quite late into the afternoon due to extra mural activities so the snacks really are useful. I for one love this as it works out cheaper this way. Thank you, you have acquired a happy monthly customer here. Mandy xx

My son is a picky eater and most days his sandwich comes back uneaten. I recently bought a snack box and my son has eaten all his snacks everyday, it’s really amazing! I think the variety has a lot to do with it, I’m just grateful he’s eating and it’s healthy and not junk food. The service was great and I am definitely ordering again. Do you have a monthly subscription?

What a life saver! My teenage son is an athlete and spends the whole day at school. Packing healthy lunches for him has always been challenging until now… thank you Snackage. He’s so happy with his snacks that he never leaves the house without his daily snack pack, something of a surprise to my husband and I as we have to constantly remind him to pack his things on a daily basis. 👍

My daughter is in primary school and has a busy schedule with ballet and karate lessons after school. These healthy snack packs are great for her as they provide healthy nutrients for her growing body.

The school encourages us parents to provide healthy snacks in our kids lunchboxes as excess sugar makes them super hyper in class and interferes with their learning. This is just perfect and solves both my problems. Thank you…