What are Nootropics & Alpha Brain

Nootropics (/noʊ.əˈtrɒpɪks/ noh-ə-TROP-iks) (colloquial: smart drugs and cognitive enhancers) are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals


“Alpha BRAIN may help you remember names and places, focus on complex tasks, and improve your mental speed in response to stimuli. Whether it is a work project, a social gathering, or an athletic performance, taking Alpha BRAIN is like another gear for your brain”

Alpha Brain boasts an outstanding arsenal of natural ingredients. Onnit’s Alpha Brain is not one of those fluffy products that don’t have much in them. Alpha Brain actually have a well-designed collection of ingredients for boosting brain power.

Alpha GPC and Huperzine A both boast outstanding effects on increasing and potentiating the brain’s own neurotransmitter, acetylcholine that is required for memory increases to occur in the brain. They also have several other less known nootropic effects, but that is the main mechanism for their brain boosting effects.

Vinpocetine is a neurovasodilator that increases blood flow in the brain, thus increasing cognition. It too boasts other nootropic effects.

Pterostilbene is a nootropic and neuro antioxidant derived from Blueberries. This site shows how it is an extremely potent brain protectant, and can protect against even cancer. Not only that, but it also has positive effects on keeping dopamine active in the brain, which can cause increased learning and an increase in mood to almost euphoric like happiness. Mucuna Pruriens is another interesting ingredient. It boasts a profile of enhancing just about everything in a person. It is said to contain “steroid like” performance enhancement, as well as containing L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine, which like I said above, causes increased learning abilities and a euphoric sensation and mood. It also causes increases in dream clarity and depth, which makes it excellent for lucid dreaming.

Vitamin B6 is included because it increases the effects of almost of all of these supplements, not to mention causes a whole host of brain benefits. Plus it gives a good clean energy, it’s the perfect thing to top off the Alpha Brain nootropic stack.

Overall, Onnit’s Alpha Brain stack contains a great blend of ingredients to protect your brain, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and productivity, and help increase your ability to lucid dream. These ingredients are well suited to studying and test taking in my opinion. I would recommend Alpha Brain before a test, especially because of the Huperzine and Vinpocetine. It’s just a great, well-researched, blend of ingredients.